Lay Flat Hose

Large volume water transfer for fracking is a major requirement in the oil field and goes hand-in-hand with Big D’s fluid management capabilities. We have been providing this valuable service to our customers for 4 years and that is why we have nearly 80 miles of lay-flat hose and a fleet of pumps with multiple 24-hour crews. We offer 8", 10" and 12" lay-flat hose for high volume frac or pit-to-pit water transfers. This product enables quick layout and retrieval, and enhances flexibility and economy. Lay-flat provides you with the ability to layout or retrieve up to a mile of hose in just 30 minutes. The ability to “change on the fly” has decreased layout and retrieval times by as much as nearly 90%.

The leak-proof and chemical-resistant properties of this product will allow you to transfer chemical-laden waters that other transfer systems are incapable of handling with consistent reliability. When leaks occur due to accidents or mechanical damage, our lay-flat hose is easily and quickly repaired in the field using repair sleeves.

Big D Equipment’s water transfer department is capable of handling any size job. We know how important water delivery is and how downtime is not an option. We have experience pumping both produced and fresh water at rates of 110 barrels per minute for multi-well zipper fracs. Our experienced crews can mobilize quickly and be ready for your next frac job with a moment’s notice. .

12" Lay Flat Hose

Use lay-flat for transferring liquids such as:
Water, Liquid Manure, Industrial Sludges & Slurries, Contaminated Liquids, Fertilizers, Oils, Medium and Heavy Hydrocarbons, Diesel Fuels, & Many Chemicals In Solution

Lay-flat is suitable and recommended for industrial and agriculture applications in:

  • Dewatering and operations
  • Water and hydrocarbons discharge applications
  • Water and hydrocarbons bypass operations
  • Refineries & chemical plants (resists aromatics)

Lay-flat is NOT recommended or approved for firefighting.

Lay-Flat Construction:

Lay-flat construction material is comprised of a circular NBR-PVC polyester weave extruded internally and externally. Hoses are made from 100% high-tenacity synthetic yarn protected by a tough, highly resistant synthetic nitrile rubber, which forms a single homogenous structure without the use of glues or adhesives.

Lay-Flat Lining Properties:

a. Ultimate Tensile Strength:
Tensile strength of the lining and cover shall not be less than 1500 psi (10,500 kpa).

b. Ultimate Elongation: 400% minimum.

c. Accelerated Aging Test: The tensile strength and ultimate elongation of the vulcanized rubber compound, which has been subjected to the action of oxygen at a pressure of 300 psi +/- 10 psi, (2100kpa +/- 70kpa) and temperature of 70 degrees centigrade +/-1 degree centigrade (158 F +/- 18 F) for a period of 96 hours, shall be greater than 60% of the original properties stated.

Color: Black ribbed

Temperature Range: From -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F)

Elongation at WP: Less than 1.5%

Expansion at WP: Less than 6%

Abrasion: 6000 DIN Cycles

Standard Length: 200 m, 100 m (660 ft, 330 ft, 100 ft, 50 ft)