Bird Netting

Bird netting is often required to protect birds and other wildlife from contacting possible hazardous fluids in certain bodies of water. With frac pits growing progressively larger in size, installing a quality bird net often poses significant difficulties. The key to a successful bird netting installation is to use an extruded net and plenty of reinforcement and support poles. An extruded net is made from solid material that sheds moisture, preventing the moisture buildups which can cause the net to sag into the pit. A solid extruded netting is more durable than knitted netting, making it more resistant to tearing. Reinforcement to the netting is done with polywire monofilament and steel cables. Support poles are spaced at equal distances of separation to prevent the net from sagging into the pit. Our bird netting design is specifically built to endure the harsh environment of the oil field, and is capable of withstanding the sustained high-speed winds of West Texas.