Polyethylene Pipe

Big D is a turn-key supplier of polyethylene pipe – we offer complete installation with options to rent or purchase.

Big D offers over 175 miles of 3” and 4” rental poly pipe, with 10 complete crews available to facilitate trenching and installation at your drilling or frac pit locations. The lower cost and quick setup of poly pipe offers the most economical process for transferring fresh water to your site. Big D also sells 2”-16” alternatives for your drilling and production applications, with SDRs of 7, 9, 11 and 17.

Big D’s decades of experience in combination with our superior equipment offerings facilitate faster set-ups and installations. We are capable of handling installations as short as a couple feet and as long as needed. With proper planning we are capable of installing up to 20 miles in a single day. Our 75-acre yard provides us the ability to inventory a variety of pipe, spool up new rolls in a safe controlled environment, and mobilize to your job ready for installation. Our faster turn-around time makes us more economical than traditional ways of laying a single roll at a time.