Oil & Natural Gas Remote Monitoring

Big D Automation Systems is a leader in automation for the oil and natural gas industry. The company’s sophisticated remote monitoring systems allow customers to stay connected to a wide variety of production equipment, including tank batteries, storage facilities, flow meters, compressors, generators, pumps and other assets.

Big D’s SecureValve™ is engineered to replace manually controlled valves and to prevent theft from tank batteries. With SecureValve™, customers are protected from illegal dumping at salt-water disposal wells, and they can prevent high-density materials, such as cement, from damaging pumps and other disposal well equipment.

Our remote monitoring and control unit (Willie Box™) is a portable unit that can be used to monitor multiple devices at the same time, and our unique, web-based software is easy to use, intuitive, customizable, and it provides users with secure access from anywhere in the world.