Frac Pond Management System


The system provides remote monitoring and control capabilities to help manage frac ponds and other water storage facilities.

  • System communicates via cellular or satellite modem.
  • Multiple ponds and wells can be monitored or controlled via radio system.
  • Commercial power is not required. System can be solar powered.
  • Systems come with dedicated websites, and data is recorded in secure commercial server farm.
  • System provides accurate, real-time updates on frac-pond water levels.
  • Touchpad controls allow customers to monitor pond volumes, control access to load lines, control valves and activate pumps.
  • System measures water flow from feeding ponds.
  • Remote well control systems can monitor wells and control electric submersible pumps.
  • Water well production is recorded automatically.
  • On-site cameras allow around-the-clock monitoring of pond water levels.


All software is web based and accessible through an on-site, touch-screen pad or any computer, tablet or smart phone. Software provides text or email alerts on the status of facilities, such as frac ponds, pumps and valves. Software also maintains history of frac-pond levels and individual water well production.